Zodiacal releasing is a Hellenistic timing technique that shows more active and important periods of time in one’s career or relationship life, as well as a longer map of time with regard to these topics. Though the major periods show the big-picture backdrop, this technique operates on at least four levels simultaneously. You can witness fascinating microcosms of time play out as the different levels interact, and this kind of “stacking” on multiple levels is oftentimes when some of the most important events will take place.

This lecture assumes some basic knowledge of zodiacal releasing in order to be able to introduce additional layers, though there is a brief recap of the most important pieces in the beginning to make sure everyone is able to follow along. If you’d like an introduction first, here is a link to the zodiacal releasing intro podcast on The Astrology Podcast.

This lecture was recorded in May 2020 at the annual NORWAC conference, hosted online.

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1 hr 22 min lecture: video, audio, and slides included

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