Everyone and everything has a birth chart, and some correspond with stranger circumstances than others. In this lecture, we’ll look at birth charts for those with particularly unusual stories (and that have those rare accompanying birth times!), and examine how these charts reflect the very unique events and situations described. Charts for a couple of Guinness World Record stories are included in here, as well as for other unusual stories collected from the news.

This lecture is meant to be both fun and educational, illustrating core interpretive astrological principles through the kind of stories that make us all think ‘Wow, I wonder what that chart looks like?’ While the stories gathered here are very specific, a variety of foundational astrological rules are discussed throughout the presentation that can be applied to your chart interpretation going forward.

This lecture was recorded in May 2020 at the annual NORWAC conference, hosted online.

What is Included

1 hr 15 min lecture: video, audio, and slides included

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