“When will I meet someone?” is a classic question that astrologers hear from a fair number of clients. In this lecture, we’ll go over timing techniques that can point to more likely time frames for meeting a romantic partner, focusing on zodiacal releasing from the Lot of Eros while also bringing in other timing tools you can use to help further cross-reference predictive possibilities.

A number of real examples are used to illustrate what the zodiacal releasing, eclipses, annual profections, secondary progressions, and transits looked like when someone met a significant relationship partner. If you are already familiar with each of these timing techniques then it will be easiest to follow; since all of the observations are explained during the lecture, most people should be able to follow it even if you don’t know all of the techniques already, and can serve as a spark of inspiration to learn more later.

If you’d like a more foundational introduction to the zodiacal releasing technique first, please see my other lecture, Introduction to Zodiacal Releasing: Mapping the Trajectory of Your Life, and/or episode 192 of The Astrology Podcast.

This lecture was recorded in May 2021 at the annual NORWAC conference, hosted online.

What is Included

1 hour 12 minute lecture: video, audio, and slides included

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