While the Hellenistic timing technique of zodiacal releasing can be used to make predictions about specific periods of time, it also can play a kind of existential healing role by mapping the ongoing stories of our lives. Using this ancient technique in dialogue, with the astrologer contributing the technical distinctions and the client recounting details and events, we can reconstruct the narrative arc of what has already happened in the past and notice clues about what may yet emerge in the future. This lecture will introduce the topic, then walk through a detailed, in-depth real example of what this looks like in practice.

While this talk does not include a thorough beginner’s introduction to the technique of zodiacal releasing, there should be enough recap of the important pieces relevant to this particular use of the technique early on in order to follow the discussion.

If you’d like a more foundational introduction to the technique first, please see my other lecture, Introduction to Zodiacal Releasing: Mapping the Trajectory of Your Life, and/or episode 192 of The Astrology Podcast.

CW: Discussion of abusive relationship; brief references to sexual abuse history

This lecture was recorded in May 2021 at the annual NORWAC conference, hosted online.

What is Included

1 hour 9 minute lecture: video, audio, and slides included

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