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What is Rectification?

Rectification is a process of trying to narrow down one’s time of birth if you do not have a written birth record with the exact birth time on it. For this service, I work with people who know the approximate part of the day during which they were born, but not an exact time, up to an approximate 6-8 hour window. For example, if you know you were definitely born after noon but before 7 pm, we can work together to narrow this down to the correct rising sign.

Please note that I work towards determining the correct rising sign rather than the specific birth time, which is not only much more possible to accurately determine, but can provide quite a lot of useful information even without a specific time.


The format of this process is an audio conversation lasting approximately 75 minutes, in which I ask lots of questions about events and life circumstances, and we gradually get a sense of which chart is best matching up. I will send a recording of the session after finishing.

What I Need

For this service, I need your date of birth, city/state/country of birth, approximate time range of birth as specifically as you know it, and a list of important life events and when they happened. For the life events list, it’s most helpful to the process if you can get as specific as possible about dates.

Scheduling and Cost

The cost of a rectification session is $275, and that includes our session as well as the preparatory work I will do ahead of time to examine the different possible charts. Please send me an email at if you have any questions.

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