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Repeating Years, Repeating Themes

Annual profections is a timing technique that shows which life themes will be highlighted during each year of life, creating a 12-year repeating pattern that you can trace back in your life.

This lecture will explain the basics of how this technique works, and then show what this repeating pattern looks like using a variety of example charts.

The lecture also introduces what to look for in timing more specific events within a specific year related to that year’s main theme.

Saturn Returns, Sect, and the Taboo Against Difficulty

A lecture recording illustrating how the distinction between day and night charts can be used in order to better understand the the quality of a person’s Saturn return.

Finding Joy and Meaning in the Birth Chart

While using astrology to look at problems either we or our clients are facing is common and helpful, we can also provide balance and potential resources by bringing in topics that may give different people the most joy and/or meaning. 

This lecture explores the different places in the birth chart to look for topics and areas of life most likely to provide these qualities, illustrated through example charts and real-life stories. This is then extended further to briefly touch on the larger role of positive luck in life, and the potential societal benefits of collectively acknowledging the areas in which things go well for us.